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Features of the Cube:

  • Produces sharp free glass ideal for recycling.
  • Multiple bottle crusher/imploder feed hopper.
  • Built-in GPS technology delivering timely Fill Level information.

  • 220/240v, single phase, 50/60 Hz, 13 amp 1.5 kW.

  • Significant noise level reductions achieved.

  • Robust proven technology already in use worldwide.

  • Powder coated sturdy construction manufactured to BS EN ISO 9002.

  • Processed cullet is safely stored in container at base of process chamber.The GP3 Cube is designed for easy operation and has a low maintenance requirement.


Four Types of Tank Available                   Size


Option 1                                                              1 tonne capacity

Option 2                                                              2.25 tonne capacity

Option 3                                                              3.375 tonne capacity

Option 4                                                              4.5 tonne capacity


Click here for cube datasheet.